Shotgun Pro

by James Anthony

From the makers of the #2 application on the iTunes App Store - Shotgun Free.

Now you too can keep a pistol grip pump on your lap at all times, with SHOTGUN PRO. Choose from five unique shotguns in the armory, pump your iPhone or iPod touch back and forth to cock, then jerk your hand up to compensate for the massive recoil. Lock and load, baby.

- First Gen iPod touches don't have a speaker. The gun will still fire, you just won't hear it. Wear headphones and pretend they're ear protection.
- Shotgun Pro works fine for lefties, I promise. It was developed by a lefty. Just turn the phone over and the shotgun will flip.


Shotgu n is not a real gun. Trying to defend yourself with Shotgun will likely result in your iPhone getting stolen.

- Professional Grade Awesomeness
- Uses the accelerometer to simulate realistic shotgun pumping action
- Choose from five distinct shotguns

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