Drunk Sniper

by MYW Productions


"You can think of it as a sequel of sorts to the iBeer application - because it shows you what happens after you finish several of those virtual beers"

- Anthony Ha, Venturebeat.com

TURN YOUR IPHONE OR IPOD TOUCH INTO MALE BODY ORGAN!!! Realistic beer relieving experience guaranteed.

Original demo video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyWf cvOqPfc

Have you ever caught yourself splashing the toilet brim when you've had a few? Well, here's your chance to learn how to get it all in and not have to clean up the mess. Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to pee into the toilet without soaking the bathroom. The more drinks you have – the more difficult it is to keep the spray within the toilet. Each second of doing it right earns you additional points so you can challenge your friends. If you splash too much, get yourself together, clean up and start again.


Start the game by choosing ‘Play” first and hitting ‘Go’ button. Direct the spray to land within the toilet just like you would in real life by tilting device forward to lift the spray, backwards to lower it, tilt left and right to shift the spray in respective directions. Please note that you would have to fight against the swaying effect mimicking your body motion when under the influence of alcohol. There are 5 difficulty levels in the app.

Hint: you get better control when putting your iPhone or iPod in place where the body organ would have been. Start playing it standing up like you would do it in real life situation and not sitting at your desk or chair.

Ladies: it surely is upsetting and hard to figure out why men have such a problem to make the mark. Here is a chance to try walking in men’s shoes – please take a shot and see how the toilet seems to become more and more elusive with every drink. Maybe this app can lay another brick into a bridge leading to understanding between the sexes.

Fans of pee monkey toilet trainer ibeer restroom the moron test heat pad bar club ouch and other joke and fun apps are welcomed.

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