iVault for iPhone is a revolutionary electronic vault where you store all your sensitive data such as passwords, PIN numbers, bank accounts… and even pictures!

** The iVault for Web editor is now ready! Visit **

** iVault for iPhone is FREE of charge, unlimited time **

** THERE IS a password of course ! Just go to Settings to create/change your password and HIT "Change password" **

Far different from the competition:
- First you may test the FREE version (10 card limit) before buying the pro version
- Ultimate security: thanks to our algorithm and architecture, your password is not stored in iVault for iPhone or in (it is embedded in the vault). Don't lose it, we can't give it back to you!
- Rotation password entry *
- Field names and values are encrypted (competition may only encrypts the value!)
- Quick take & store encrypted pictures

- Backup/restore on a very secured remote site ( over WIFI, Edge or 3G
- PC/Mac/LINUX synchronisation via *

- Quality translation in 7 languages (English, French, German*, Japanese*, Portuguese*, Russian*, Spanish*)
- List view and icon view

- Launch Safari when you click on a URL link
- Make a call when you click on a phone number
- Show the address in Google map when you click on an address
- Write an email when you click on an email

It also provides the usual features:
- Use strong encryption (256-bit Blowfish) *
- Organise your information in 43 predefined forms/cards and 26 categories
- Modify the existing field names according to your needs
- Associate the cards/forms with one of the 53 exclusive built-in icons
- Organise your cards in different folders/categories
- Import data from Excel/CSV file *
- Search in cards
- Auto-lock after a predefined time

Go to to check the availability of the features marked with *.

Jericoa SARL is a Swiss based company.

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