My Budget Money Management

by Axel Wolf

Tausendstern MyBudget Money Management lets you easily keep track of your monthly spending. Simply enter your budget, setup recurring payments like rent, and enter new expenses as you go. The software is focused on fast and easy handling, requiring only two taps to enter a new item. Items can any time modified or deleted later, also you can add a comment to each item.

Preloaded with ten useful categories like Auto, Household and Groceries you can of course anytime create new categories or remove categories you don't need. All currencies are supported, simply enter your preferred currency symbol ($, € etc.) or use a three-letter ISO code.

A dedicated tab makes setting up recurring monthly payments easy. Enter the details for items like rent, electricity, phone etc. just once and have them applied to each new month as time passes on.

To make this tool particularly useful, we integrated our TStar file server. Our free desktop client (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, download link on the product page) connects to the device via Bonjour and lets you transfer your monthly records over wireless LAN to the desktop for further use. The created files are standard CSV text files and be directly opened in Apple Numbers, Office or FileMaker.

Note: For file transfer MyBudget application must run on the device, device and desktop computer must have W-LAN enabled and be on the same subnet. The client can not be used to access files outside the application's sandbox. The client can not be used to transfer data to the device.

*** DEVELOPERS: Source code for all our applications is available at ***

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