TapeMe Voice Recorder with File Transfer

by Axel Wolf

Tausendstern TapeMe Voice Recorder lets you easily record memos, notes, short interviews or other audio. A simple three button interface that is modeled after actual voice recorder devices makes the software very easy to use. The software is best suited for recordings between a length of a few seconds and 10-15 minutes.

Random seek during playback, one-button pause & resume for playback and a real-time counter are useful additions that make this software a fully featured replacement for a dedicated voice recorder.

Recordings are performed with 10 kHz sample rate and 16 bit resolution, optimized for voice recording. Typical file size estimate is around 1 MB per minute of audio.

In addition, this application features our integrated TStar file server. Our free desktop client (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, download link on the product page) connects to the device via Bonjour and lets you transfer your audio files over wireless LAN to the desktop for further use. The created files are PCM encoded and can be opened with QuickTime, SoundTrack Pro, Logic Pro, and similar applications. (For file transfer TapeMe application must run on the device, device and desktop computer must have W-LAN enabled and be on the same subnet. File transfer is not available while the device is recording or playing back audio.)

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