by Rudrajit Samanta

iWant is your single source for finding services (resaturants, movies, bars, banks, wiki articles, etc.) around you. The core strength of this app is it's simple, clean and streamlined interface. Also, it combines the power of restaurant reviews, yellow pages, movie times and more in one place so you don't need and array of apps cluttering your home screen.

It uses location services so you don't have to enter your zip-code or address. Results are available in both list and interactive map view.

- Unlike other apps (such as AroundMe and Vicinity) this one can plot your results on a map. Unlike Yelp and Urbanspoon, the map view in iWant is fully interactive and supports the same navigation as the maps app that comes with the phone.

- This is the only app that will plot the theaters a particular movie is playing at, on a map for you.

- Allows you to switch your current location (just drag the center of the blue circle in the map view) if the location function (on the first generation iPhone) is off by a bit.

- As you move your current location or type in a new one, the results refresh instantly allowing you to explore the neighborhood a few blocks at a time.

- Filters let you narrow down the restaurant and nightlife choices.

- Settings allow you to pick a radius for the search and sort by rating or distance.

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