Take Me To My Car

by Eldar Sadikov

How many times did you forget where you parked your car? This application solves the problem: with only one tap save your current position and next time you start the app you'll have walking directions to your car in front of you! What if you parked in a garage or lot? You can use this app as a compass: we display the distance and the map will tell you the direction. Browse or pinch to zoom in/out. Everything is within one tap, it is simple, accurate, and, most importantly, free (unlike our competitors)!

Why use Take Me To My Car and not the Maps built in functionality:
- Less taps, much quicker
- Walking directions instead of driving directions
- Exact display of remaining distance
- Exact position accuracy in meters/yards as opposed to a circle
- Pleasant intuitive interface

READ THIS: The application is limited by the iPhone hardware capabilities. Any inaccuracies are not software bugs but rather imperfections of the device! The application works best on 3G iPhone. For best results, make sure you have Location services and WiFi on (to enable WPS). The app may not work on non-3G iPhone due to their limited positioning abilities. For the same reason, iPod Touch is not a supported platform.

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