Noise.io™ Pro Synth

by Ilya Plavunov

The #1, the only full-featured hybrid subtractive/FM sound synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch! The most popular synth - 20,000 users (community growing every day!)

More info at: http://noise.io

• NEW IN V.1.2: Record, .WAV export, wi-fi server, and direct export to Intua Beatmaker (no PC needed)

• NEW IN V.1.3: File Browser (View, Rename, Delete, Load your own loops to play along with)

• 148Apps.com Rating: 4.5/5 "Highly Recommended": "A fantastic all-encompassing synthesizer for the iPhone. You aren't going to find a better synth for 10x the price."

• AppCraver.com Rating: 9/10 "Noise.io Pro features everything you would expect from a synth, along with all the bells and whistles you can expect from professional synths."

One of the most anticipated handheld music applications, Noise.io™ Pro is capable of creating all kinds of melodic sequences, basses, leads, keys, bells, percussive sounds and sound effects.

There is no other handheld sound synth that can overcome Noise.io™ Pro. It's simply the most powerful pocket synthesizer that has ever been created.

• "The competition doesn't even come close, it doesn't even come close to coming close." - Gadgetoid.com

Create 303-alike acid basslines or any other melodies using the buit-in sequencer. Play in Kaos-style by enabling the pitch scale mapping. Control the sound by fingersliding, multitouch or accelerometer. Tap BPM and jam live in sync with the rhythm. Join the established community of Noise.io™ addicts from all over the world at http://noise.io and share the presets on-line.

10 factory preset banks are included: Across the Kaos, Azure Leads, Warping Basslines, Angelic Sequences, Infinite Keys, Distant Bells, Touch the Bass, Strange Places, Klang Percussive, FX Pack 1, totalling in a whole of 90 presets.

Noise.io™ is a must-have for any musician, DJ, synth enthusiast or anyone just interested in music. Noise.io was designed by an experienced electronic musician and is suitable even for novices in synth programming. Creating own sounds is a breeze thanks to the ESFM technology and highly intuitive revolutionary user interface.

Noise.io features 3 generators, 2 filters, 3 LFO, 3 sequencers, 6 effects, unlimited presets, extensive user support and much more.

Full description, comprehensive user manual, demo videos, mp3 files, forums and the community are available at http://noise.io

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