by Shazam Entertainment Limited

Create and share music moments and stories. With Shazam you can identify music tracks, buy them, and share the tags with friends. You can also learn more about artists; keep and grow your music collection and personalize your tags.

Start your music journey now, use Shazam to:

• Identify music anywhere: from the radio, TV, film, or in a store by simply holding your iPhone towards the music and tapping "Tag".

• Buy music you hear: your tags link directly to iTunes to give you one-touch access to the music you love.

• Share the experience: send your tags to friends who share your musical taste so they can add the tag to their own collection in Shazam.

• Watch the video: view related videos and other music content on YouTube.

• Personalize your tags: capture the moment by taking and adding a photo or attach an existing picture. See your shots seamlessly added to your iPhone photo album.

• Learn more about the music: in the tag result you can view the lyrics, read track and album reviews and artist biographies, plus see other music from the artist.

• Sort your tags: as your Shazam collection grows you can take control and organize by artist, title, or date - making it easy to find the tag you want.

• Store pending tags: for when you don't have data connection, you can still capture the music moment. The untagged track can be sent later when you are back in WiFi or data coverage.

Shazam now supports 2nd generation iPod touch (external microphone required). A note to iPod touch 2nd generation users: we need to hear the music sample, which means utilizing a microphone (on the iPhone, it's built in, on the iPod touch second generation you can attach an Apple Stereo Headset which has a small microphone capsule). Hold the mic towards the music you wish to recognize and we'll do the rest!

To support our goal of providing a feature-rich app which is free to download and use, you will see relevant advertising start to appear.

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