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Smule Special: Ocarina 50% off!

Time Magazine 2008 Top Ten App

PC Magazine Editor’s Choice

Wired Magazine 10 Most Awesome Apps of 2008

"Smule's addictive Ocarina turns the iPhone into the ancient flute-like instrument" - Ed Baig, USA Today

"Ocarina of awesome" - Kirk Hiner, AppleTell

"The Official Instrument of Zelda comes to the iPhone" - Roberto Baldwin, MacLife

"You know how to play music don’t you? Just blow" - Christopher Breen, MacWorld

Serenade your Valentine with a special song or melody. Record your Ocarina music and send your Valentine a one-of-a-kind greeting.

Sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, Ocarina is more versatile than an actual flute:

• Blow into your microphone to generate music
• Hold down combinations of holes to change pitch
Tilt your phone to change vibrato rate and depth

Without any musical training you will be playing your favorite songs in no time. Free, easy-to-read music for hundreds of popular songs is available online:


Ocarina lets you share music with people all over the world. Just tap anywhere on the globe icon to hear other Ocarina players. Rate your favorite performances. Name your Ocarina so listeners around the world can hear you play. With Ocarina, you can even record and send your songs over email to family and friends.

Because the Ocarina uses your integrated microphone, it is compatible with the iPhone and not the iPod Touch.

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