(Not So Trivial) Trivia Pro

by Manuel Zamora

Introductory price of only $ 0.99!

Tired of trivia that doesn't relate to you?

(Not So Trivial) Trivia Pro, is a trivia application that lets you decide what you want to be tested on.

What makes (Not So Trivial) unique? You can add trivia instantly at our website. In just minutes your trivia can be available for download and enjoyment.

You can also download trivia on the spot as well. No having to wait for an application update for new questions, just download some. There are hundreds of questions and growing rapidly.

Where is the fun? As much fun as it is to take trivia, we add the experience of creating your own for others to take, commenting on their quizzes that you have taken, rating others quizzes, and learning new things as you go along.

In order to create a quiz, all you have to do is register at our site and then write a quiz. Quite simple. Please read our trivia information for tips on making good quizzes.

You have the option of creating quizzes on our site or on the application. Of course a full keyboard is easier, but for those who can or would rather not, feel free to just use the application.

Upload your quizzes/trivia on our site and then any iPhone user will be able to search and find your quiz with ease. The idea is simple. If you enjoy the quizzes you take yet believe you can do better, then feel free to do so. You can enter a quiz in any of our many categories.

You do not have to register to enjoy our application, but it would be more entertaining to do so and enjoy everything our application has to offer. Don't just stand on the sidelines.

Pro is like (Not So Trivial) Trivia, except it does not contain any Ads.


- Limitless possibilities for trivia types.

- Limitless questions possible.

- Two different modes of play, rated and unrated.(as in not timed and untimed, not as in adult, I know, I know, shame).

- Many different trivia search methods, to make it easy to find what exactly what you're looking for.

- Ability to limit the categories you don't like. Don't like TV quizzes? Hide the category in options, simple enough.

- Ability to view previous quiz taker's scores.

- Ability to comment on each quiz you take.

Things to know:

The application depends on a network connection to download new trivia and use any of the quiz services, so keep that in mind.

Feel free to add a review or throw in some suggestions, it's feedback that helps applications grow.

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy our application. Oh, and make some quizzes!

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