Numerology App

by Matej Ukmar

Simple to use, fully featured tool for numerological analysis. It is suitable for professionals as well as beginners who can learn numerology quickly using this tool. You can have real fun creating analysis for yourself, friends or family. It consists of name numerology, key and sub-key calculation for a given date, description of basic and compound numbers up to number 52, matching analysis. It can be used for personal, company or special event or occasion analysis. Application lets you easily create 6-page reports that can be printed or sent by email.

Application is based on Chaldean system, also known as "Mystic Numerology". This system of numbers is the oldest and it’s considered to be the most accurate of all numerological systems. It originated 5000 years ago, and it is Babylonian’s who are credited for inventing this unique and precise system. It was created with careful observation and mathematical analysis of the planets and the universe. Chaldean numerology is the “mother” of Vedic (Indian) and Pythagorean (Greek) number systems.

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