Bikini Blast

by Smartphones Technologies, Inc.

SALE! $1.99 (Reg. $2.99)

Our Rating: PG13 (Parents strongly cautioned)
Some material includes mature content and may not be suitable for children under 13. If you're offended by beautiful women in bikinis, this app is not for you!

What a BLAST! Bikini Blast gives you hundreds of sizzling bikini wallpaper for your iPhone, with new photos added daily. Categories include: Beach Babes, Blonde Bombshells, Beautiful Brunettes, Ravishing Redheads, Girls Next Door, Lovely Latinas, Thongs and Hot Rod Hotties. Check out the Asian, African American and women of color in Exotic Beauties, the cougars and milfs in Hot Moms, the sensuous swimsuits in Adult Swim, and the lingerie models in Pajama Party. We’re constantly adding new photos and new categories, including our new Fun & Flirty and Hip Hop Divas categories. Coming soon by customer request- Extreme bikinis. Check back every day and you’ll see something new.

Download as many sexy swimsuit photos as you want at NO CHARGE, set them as your wallpaper and even send them to your friends. (Once you buy the app, you don't have to pay anything to download photos).

Note: The first time you launch the app, it takes a few moments to load the images. Please be patient- images are cached on your iPhone so the next time you launch the app they will appear much faster.

We could make the photos download faster, but they wouldn’t look as good. Some other wallpaper apps save a screenshot, which is faster, but the image quality is poor. We think you’d rather wait a few extra seconds and get high quality photos.

- All photos are properly licensed and used with permission from the copyright holder. (No stolen, ‘borrowed’ or otherwise misappropriated photos).

- Requires iPhone 2.0 software.
- Requires Internet connection to view and download photos.
- Works best on 3G iPhone. It will work on a 2G model with updated software, but it will take longer to download photos due to slower network connection.
- Despite numerous requests, we cannot include topless, nude, explicit or pornographic content- that's not allowed in the App Store- Sorry!
- If you have any problems with the application closing, make sure you install the update that fixed the bug (go to App Store > Updates on your phone). If you've already updated the app, check your network connection and try again.

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