Pinger Phone

by Pinger, Inc.


Pinger Phone wins "Best in Show!" Macworld 2009

ZDNET wrote "Pinger Phone is a MUST HAVE application that I am sure you will enjoy."

Appcraver says "Pinger Phone wraps it all up in one integrated package" 8/10

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UPGRADE THE PHONE APP with IM status and social network feeds. Check your friends’ updates then call, text, IM, mail, or even send a Facebook message, all from one place!

GATHER SOCIAL NETWORK FEEDS from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter into a concise, elegant format.

IM ON A HORIZONTAL KEYBOARD for fast typing. Works with AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Google Talk.

AVOID PAYING FOR TEXTS by sending IMs over the data network to any mobile number. Just touch the 'IM' button to send a text to anyone with a US mobile number.

SEARCH FASTER for contacts because the keyboard is always there.

SEE IM STATUS IN CONTACTS so you know the best way to connect with them.

PINGER PHONE IS FREE and works great on iPod Touch except to make phone calls.

If you need assistance, we’d love to help. Just email and we’ll get right on it.

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A few notes based on your comments:

PINGER DOES NOT SPAM you or people in your contacts. Our Terms and Conditions were incorrect when we first launched, and we've updated them to protect your privacy.

IPOD TOUCH USERS during sign up, just enter your mobile phone number—it doesn't have to be an iPhone number. We'll text an activation code to this number, and (at your option) use it to notify you of new IMs.

Enjoy Pinger Phone!

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