Restaurant Nutrition

by Foundation Surgery Affiliates

Bojangles', Pizza Hut, On the Border, Dominos, Jack in the Box, In-N-Out Burgers, Taco Time, Del Taco, and Panera Bread. Use the Settings > Update Menu function to update your device.

We have not been successful in obtaining a single file or printout of the following Restaurants: Pizza Hut, Quiznos, and Famous Famiglia Pizza. If a user can provide this, we will update the system. Please send the information to

The Restaurant Nutrition application allows a user to easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus and track what they have eaten. It can also synchronize their personal meal entries with the internet web site More menu information will be added to the database over time. Features to be released in the next version can be found at the end of this description.

The Restaurant Nutrition user can turn on diets to track calorie, carb, protein, and fat to help track and quantify their dieting progress. The program can check for updated menu information on and download updated data as it is available. Each time a restaurant name appears in the program the map button near it can be touched to open the Maps application showing all of that restaurant's nearby locations.

Multiple people can track what they eat in this application at the same time by utilizing the concept of profiles. The application can either be setup to connect to the internet, or run as a standalone application saving data entries only to the iPhone. Registered users of will enter their username and password which will tie their username in Restaurant Nutrition to their account on that site. Anytime a meal is entered on the iPhone, it can be transmitted and uploaded to the website and recorded there. The Restaurant Nutrition application is available for download exclusively from the App Store.

Future Version 1.4 will include an option sort the list of restaurants so your favorites are at the top. We are also planning on a Canada and United Kingdom version in the future.

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