by Raizlabs Corporation

*** Designed for 3G iPhone - results for Gen1 phones and iPod touch are inaccurate ***

RunKeeper uses the built-in GPS in the new 3G iPhone to enable runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers, walkers, etc. to track their outdoor fitness activities and promote good health.

Some of the data we enable you to track:
- duration
- distance
- pace
- speed
- total rise
- altitude versus speed
- path traveled on a map

You can store all of your historical activities on your personal web dashboard at

No need to buy a separate GPS device or technology when you can track your, run, ride, hike, walk, etc. using your 3G iPhone!

RunKeeper can be used for running, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, and many other outdoor fitness activities.

Whether on road or trail, get out your running shoes or get on your bike and take RunKeeper for a spin.

Now you can be a fitness guru too!

- Do not use the top-lock button to lock the device, as this will disable the GPS from tracking your activity
- For optimal results, turn wi-fi off before using RunKeeper

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