Star Defense

by ngmoco, Inc.

This game can be played on OS 3.0 and above


“Star Defense deserves your download dollars."
- IGN Editor’s Choice Award, 9 out of 10

“Star-Studded… Gorgeous visuals and equally fine-tuned play
- Pocket Gamer Gold Award, 9 out of 10

What's new in 1.3:

- Two new challenge planets are now available. These planets have unique scenarios separate from the campaign missions.

- Freeplay mode added. After beating a planet in the campaign, you can now play at your leisure with an unlimited tower cap.

- New commendations added. Add to your +Points by unlocking them.

- Lefty mode added! You can toggle this setting in options.

Star Defense

…The Universe is in Your Hands

Created exclusively for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Use multitouch to spin and zoom entire worlds in Star Defense, the highly-anticipated strategy title created exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. Maximize your recon and plan carefully – each planet has unique pathways to protect, weapons to deploy, and enemies to overcome.

Survival depends on your ability to respond to the S’rath invaders in real time and build a mixture of towers that counteract all known alien units and resistances.

Once you’ve mastered taking on the S’rath, put your skills to the test in Challenge Mode and compete against your friends over Twitter, Facebook, or email.

New 3.0 features allow you to send challenges directly to your friends via the Plus+ network.


•POWERFUL ARSENAL – Build your defenses from 5 classes of towers, for a grand total of 15 different weapons, each with their own unique attributes, firing ranges and reload frequencies.

•MULTIPLE MODES OF GAMEPLAY – Defeat the S’rath in Campaign Mode or compete against your friends in Challenge Mode.

•ASYNCHRONOUS MULTIPLAYER ACTION – Battle your friends over the Plus+ network or via Twitter, Facebook, mail. Check out scores posted by other Star Defense players and take on their challenges by using the in-game Twitter challenge log or by searching for #StarDefense on Twitter.

•EXPLORE AND SECURE THE UNIVERSE – Defend 7 breathtaking worlds, each with its own distinct path layout, enemy types and immunities, and weapon choices.

•MULTIPLE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY – Choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty settings for the challenge level that is right for you.

•EARN MEDALS AND COMMENDATIONS – Collect over 20 Medals and more than 30 Commendations by accomplishing specific feats on the field. Earn points in the Plus+ network for every achievement unlocked.

•UNLIMITED REPLAYABILITY – Go for the ultimate survival record and pit your skills against an infinite number of S’rath invaders.

•BREATHTAKING 3D GRAPHICS – Stunning graphics and 3D worlds – this is tower defense like you’ve never seen it before!

•PLUS+ ENABLED - Add friends, access online leaderboards, earn gamerpoints and Direct Challenge other Plus+ friends

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