iMagic Fire

by MrWeiManStudio

Do you want to spurt fire like a fiery dragon ?

Do you want to perform a fire magic show to amuse your friends or family?

All of your wishes can be fulfilled by IMagic Fire.

Features of IMagic Fire.

02. Blowing to the microphone and flames will burst on the screen.

03. Shaking the phone and shoot out fireballs like a machinegun..

01. Touch the screen and the flames will burst on the screen.

This is an entertaining application with great animations, sound and graphics. Easy to use and simple interface make your life more interesting.


http://www.youtube.com/Mr Weimanstudio

Download iMagic fire at Apple App Store

itms://itunes.apple.com /us/app/imagic-fire/id336785619?mt= 8

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